Our Approach

First Step – Determine where you are and where you're going

Financial Planning should be the first step in working with an independent financial advisor. “Real Financial Planning” addresses EVERY aspect of your financial life.

The planning process should be a truly comprehensive analysis of your current financial condition and position. This process should result in:

  1. A clear understanding of any financial shortcomings
  2. A list of priority action items and time-frames 
  3. Realistic implementation strategies that tie in with stated goals

Then Decide - what kind of on-going help you need to get there 

Wealth Management is the on-going process of monitoring and managing all aspects of your financial life. In other words, “On-going Financial Planning”.

After completing a Financial Plan, there will be implementation strategies and goals that need to be reviewed and/or adjusted as time goes by. There will also be “life changes” or events that will force you to adjust your plans and strategies.

Many of the "action items" that are identified in the financial planning process will be put on a list to address in the future.  On-going Wealth Management can be an important part of attaining your financial goals.

And / or

Investment advice and management is an important part of both the Financial Planning Process  and on-going Wealth Management.

However, the important activities that are part of a successful investment advisory relationship do not always need to be linked to on-going Wealth Management advice.

We recognize that each client has unique needs and varying resources.  By offering the investment advice / management separated from the other services, we are able to be more flexible and competitive with our fees.