Jerry Miron

Insurance Advisor

Jerry began his career in the financial planning field in 1984. He worked at one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in the nation. He started out as an insurance agent, then worked his way up to a district manager over looking 45 agents. He joined Diversified Insurance Advisors to expand his personal practice in the life insurance, annuities, indexed Universal life, and other insurance products. Jerry brings years of experience skills and expertise to the firm. Jerry’s approach to retirement planning is to allow the client to meet him, build their trust in him, while show them multiple scenarios to achieve their retirement goals.
Jerry is currently presenting Social Security and retirement seminars to show individuals and families how important it is to make the right Social Security choices at retirement, while making sound decisions with their retirement savings. What they need to understand is their retirement money needs to outlive them. The number one worry that people have today is that they’re going to outlive their retirement, and then what do they do? This is what I’m here to help my clients with, to take that worry away.

Jerry is a combat veteran, he is deeply involved in helping other veterans. He does numerous speaking engagements, he spoke roughly 55 to 65 times last year for TPT (total public television), he works in conjunction with the NHL Alumni for different veteran events to raise money for veteran causes. Jerry has spoken at the Ordway, the History Theater, the History Center, and various other Venues.
Jerry has been a goalie for the Minnesota WARRIORS ice hockey for over six years now.
Jerry lives in White Bear Lake with this wife Dianne, they have one son, and two daughters, and four grandchildren


*Jerry Miron is not affiliated with Securities America

Phone 612.485.9133