Holiday Letter

The holiday season is here, and inevitably so is the cold - that biting, makes-your-face-hurt cold.  Each year at this time I start hearing people talk about wanting to move South.  It’s easy to imagine that Florida is a much warmer place than Minnesota right now.   

What if you wanted to go to Florida?  Even without a map, most of us have a general idea how to get to Florida.  Pick a road and drive South, mixing in a few turns to the East here and there.  You’ll likely have some delays for food, gas and for sleeping, but if you keep heading South and East, you’d get there. It might not be the fastest or most efficient route, but most people could probably make it to Florida without any help. 

Now, what if you wanted to retire in Florida? Again, most people have the right ideas about what it takes to retire.  Save some money.  Invest wisely. Save some more, invest some more.  You might have some delays in saving due to your child’s education or to buy a new car, maybe you want a cabin or to start a small business.  But as long as you commit to saving and investing, your strategy could lead you to retirement.

Maps are powerful tools for any journey.  A map gives perspective to the duration of the trip.  We can identify the landmarks along the way.  Maps help us navigate detours when we encounter something unexpected.  We use maps to help us identify efficiencies and opportunities.  Most importantly, maps give us the confidence to ensure that we’re doing the right things and that we’re going the right way. 

2017 is right around the corner.  Let me help you create your personalized financial map, so that you can have confidence in your own direction. I welcome the opportunity to be your ally, working with you for your financial future.










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